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While the Redding area is far from leading the state in automotive accidents it is also far from being immune. If you are involved in an accident you have the serious question of whether you want to hire a lawyer to represent you or to accept the offer given by the insurance company. Often with small fender benders the insurance company is fair enough and you receive sufficient compensation to cover your loss. For more serious accidents involving injury or death it is common for an insurance company to try to close the claim early and low.

During the last 5 years (2004-2009) statistic show that 50 people have died from auto accidents in the Redding area with 66 vehicles involved. In 16 of the accidents where people have died the accidents were caused by drunk drivers. These statistics donít reflect the number of people injured even seriously in accident. As Redding Grows and the traffic congestion increases the chances of being in a serious accident increases.

Over the last 10 years traffic on I5 passing through Redding as well as the major roads like Cyprus, Hilltop Drive, Churn Creek Road and the large shopping centers off of the North end of hilltop have continued to get more congested with more frequent incidents of road rage and reckless driving. Even if you are a care full driver, you canít control the poor driving of others, once again increasing your chances of an accident.

Why consider hiring an accident lawyer?

Even accidents that seem to be minor can cause health problems that you are going to have to live with for years. These health problems can affect your quality of life as well as your ability to work. What may seem like a decent settlement may not seem so good after you have paid the hospital and doctor bills.

If you were riding a motorcycle at the time of the accident the chances of future problems compounds. Even minor accidents where the bike is laid over can cause trauma that you will have to live with for years.

These facts coupled with the fact that it is the job of the insurance company is to make money for its shareholders, that primary goal doesnít set well with making large settlement payments to cover the loss of an accident victim. Before agreeing to any settlement wait sufficient time to make sure you really know what the damages are going to be. If the company is strongly insistent that you settle early, that may be a good sign that they think that the final cost is going to be a lot higher then they want to pay.

List of Redding Accident Attorneys

Redding California Auto Accident Lawyers
Art Morgan
833 Mistletoe Lane,
(530) 221-8150
Halkides Morgan & Kelley: Morgan Arthur L
833 Mistletoe Ln # 100
(530) 221-8150
Reiner, Simpson, Slaughter & Wood, LLP
2851 Park Marina Drive #200
(530) 241-0290
Joe Gazzigli Law Offices
1900 Gold Street
(530) 241-6900
Redding Accident Lawyer
833 Mistletoe Ln
(530) 221-8150
Michael Cogan Law Offices
Lagoon Drive
(760) 872-4824
Mark H Cibula PC: Cibula Mark H
1743 Tehama Street
(530) 241-2734
448 Redcliff Drive #233
(530) 244-1755
The Law Offices of Max G. Arnold
2070 Shasta Streetbr />(530) 242-2040
Rodney E Benson Law Office
2700 Eureka Way
(530) 241-3356
Arthofer & Tonkin Law Offices
1314 Oregon Street,
(530) 722-9002
Wells Small Fleharty & Weil
292 Hemsted Drive
(530) 223-1800
Ayres Associates Attorneys at Law
1330 West Street
(530) 229-1340
Doran Mike
1539 Chestnut Street
(530) 241-6885
G Neil Tocher Law Offices
833 Mistletoe Ln # 100
(530) 244-2525
Frank J O'Connor Law Office
1558 West St # 3
(530) 241-8940
Michael G Olsen Law Offices: Olsen Michael G
1900 Gold Street
(530) 243-3133
Swartz & Associates
1824 West Street
(530) 244-0441
Pickering Law Corporation
1915 Placer Street
(530) 241-5811
Patrick R Beasley Law Office
2701 Old Eureka Way # 2E
(530) 229-0392
Mcglynn Mcglynn & Bottke Attorney
2040 Shasta Street
(530) 246-1119
victims of drunk drivers
867 Mountain Shadows Boulevard
(530) 524-2630
James A Wyatt Law Office
2130 Eureka Way
(530) 244-6060
Cogan Michael Law Offices
1388 Court St # E
(530) 246-1112
Hogan Marvan
1229 South Street
(530) 242-8756
Nisson Pincin & Hill
2015 Shasta St # 2
(530) 246-4201
Robert West Law Offices
2515 Park Marina Dr # 102
(530) 242-0410
Donald B Belkin Law Offices
1823 Court Street
(530) 243-6882
Robert W Logan Law Offices
1350 Placer Street
(530) 241-0126
Altemus & Wagner Atty At Law
1255 Sacramento Street
(530) 242-8800

While not all accident require a lawyer and small fender benders probably should be covered out of pocket so a claim doesnít raise your insurance. Donít be in too much of a hurry to sign a contract closing the claim. Wait to see if other costs arise and consider hiring an auto accident lawyer or an attorney that specializes in injury claims if you have any doubt. Many accident attorneys will give you a free consultation to see if you really need a lawyer.


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