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Cheap insurance Quotes Ė Choice of Vehicle

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Often when considering a new vehicle people try to buy the best vehicle they can afford. Choosing the vehicle by what the monthly payment will be, forgetting the additional costs of owning a car. If you are working with a set budget it is important to also see how these additional cost are going to affect the monthly cost of the vehicle.

There are several other costs though associated with your choice of vehicle, vehicle registration is one big one, the newer and more expensive you vehicle is the more you will pay each year for registration.

Should insurance affect your choice of vehicle?

Another large cost is insurance. Different styles of vehicle can make a large difference in the cost of comparable insurance. Even some sedans are considered sports vehicles. If the insurance company classifieds your new vehicle as a sports car, you can expect a very large increase in premium.

If you are purchasing a truck, what it will be used for could have a large affect on your insurance quotes. If you plan to carry tools, materials, or other equipment in the bed of the truck, it is likely you will need a commercial registration and with it commercial auto insurance. Itís best not to try to hide this from your insurance company, if they classify you as a commercial vehicle, even if you donít own a business, this might affect how and if they will pay any future claims.

Price of the vehicle and its age will also greatly affect an insurance quote. Old and less expensive cars are usually far less expensive to insure. Even the model of car can make a difference, some cars are just far more expensive to fix and are far more likely to be totaled in an accident, costing the insurance company more per claim so they charge more for the premium.

Another consideration is if you plan on using financing to pay for the vehicle. While you can get away with not getting comprehensive and collision on your older vehicle, banks require comp. and collision on any vehicle they finance. This may make a tremendous increase in your insurance bill. If you are paying cash for the vehicle you might consider only getting liability auto insurance.

Insurance quotes are free

If you are on a fixed budget for your automotive needs it is usually best to compare car insurance rates from an insurance agent before making your new purchase to be sure that these extra costs do not move the vehicle out of your price range. Most insurance companies are happy to give you a free quote, so take them up on it. Often you can get online insurance quotes by filling out a quick form with the information on the car you are thinking of buying this usually gives you an instant auto insurance quote so you donít have to wait. A little research before buying the car can help to keep you from being strapped after the purchase.


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